with Shalan Hill, BQH Practitioner

Connect with your True Self for healing and spiritual growth.

Beyond Quantum Healing, developed by Candace Craw-Goldman, is a heart-based modality and focuses upon a creative, energetic approach to assist clients in self healing. BQH is heavily influenced by Delores Cannon’s work, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

Shalan Hill, BQH Practitioner, uses relaxation and hypnosis techniques to help clients settle into a deep connection with their Inner Beings (Subconscious, Spirit, Higher Self, and/or God Self), letting the analytical and critical mind recede into the background so clear guidance and understanding of their lives can come to the surface. This can take 1 – 2.5 hours in focused trance. This is after a fairly thorough sharing of information about the client’s life with Shalan and going over the client’s questions and intentions for the session. The counseling portion can take 1 – 1.5 hours.

Beyond Quantum Healing with Shalan Hill


The Practitioner asks the Subconscious to reveal information that may be unknown to the conscious mind of the subject that will aid in healing and uncovering the root causes of both mental and physical afflictions, illnesses and phobias. The Subconscious always selects the information most helpful to the person in need. The Higher Self understands the entire situation and every aspect of the individual, including issues from past lives that may be affecting them in their present life.

Your Higher Self may show you representations or metaphors for learning about your life purpose and lessons. You may even connect with your guides, Angels, or loved ones in Spirit.

This is a chance to ask your True Self for answers you may be seeking, such as why you have certain health conditions and how to heal, clarity with relationship dynamics, emotional and financial blocks or struggles and how to free yourself. You may have some mysterious occurrences that have left you perplexed. Maybe you want help clearing bad habits or addictions. This is a way to go to the Source, You, where your inner truth and answers reside.

In all cases, before healing can occur, an individual must truly want and be open to healing. The healing also cannot interfere with the lessons of their present life or the contracts they made before incarnating.

The client’s participation and preparation are required. Practice in meditation or quieting the mind is extremely helpful for a successful session.  A commitment to watching recommended videos and/or reading material to prepare is needed. Come with an open mind, an open heart, and let go of expectations, knowing your highest good will present itself in our work together.

Sessions can be done in person or virtually via Zoom. Schedule a session by calling 678-494-3450 or click here to schedule online.

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