Empowering the Mind

Empowering the Mind

Module 1 of The Life Changer Program

with Ann Pauley

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Saturdays, 1-6pm & sundays, 10am-5pm


We all have areas of life that we feel we are at the mercy of our world around us. When we discover we are in charge of our lives, that is when we start to see changes that make us feel good, give us hope, help us heal old wounds & find peace with what is. If you are ready to take a step to healing and creating the life you have always wanted, this course is right for you!

Empowering the Mind is the first of four modules in a series called The Life Changer Program.

Module 1, over two weekends & 24 hrs of self-discovery, takes you through a deep dive of understanding energy, and working with the mind to discover limiting beliefs and how to change those beliefs to support the life you want.

And, between the “lightbulbs & ah-ha’s”, the tears and the laughter, you will:

*Gain a deeper understanding of yourself & Others     

*Develop Self-Love      

*See your relationships in a better light           

*Change Your Limiting Beliefs 

Step into your Power & Create the Life You Want!

Register here  For Module 1, or Click on the link above to learn more about The Life Changer Program. Take all modules, or just Module 1.

The course will be videotaped for those who might miss class time. No refunds for missed classes.

Are you ready to start changing your life?