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Woodstock’s Clinical Massage Team

The Posture Project is Woodstock’s Clinical Massage Team. Our therapists have nearly 50 years of combined clinical experience. We are accustomed working with many injuries and postural imbalances. We have a passion for understanding the body and improving health and balance for clients as well as ourselves.

Chiropractors and Physical Therapists regularly refer to us to help their clients and patients find relief from injuries or chronic pain.

What To Expect

Our therapists communicate with each individual to find out your specific needs. We take into account your daily activities, possible injuries and stress levels and emotional state. This helps us to create a unique therapeutic treatment plan for you. That way, you know what to expect from us.  All of our therapists have extensive clinical experience to help your body find balance and freedom from pain or discomfort.

We show you stretches or exercises to do between sessions. This, in turn, keeps your body maintained as we work to balance it out.

The key to your success of getting pain-free is to partner with us. Doing your stretches and exercises and keeping your scheduled appointments, helps us help you.

We specialize in Rotator Cuff injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a Back injuries, Neck, Hip, Leg, ankle or Arm pain. We also address headaches and migraines as well as head traumas.

When To Do Clinical Massage

Knowing when to do Clinical massage is important. If you have an injury or chronic or acute pain, your sessions would be more clinical in nature. You might need multiple sessions in a short amount of time to quickly get your body to a normalized state.

If you are getting massage and have no chronic or acute pain, your sessions might be fewer and further between. The goal is to get your body to homeostasis and maintain that balance. This keeps the joints from wearing down over time, consequently allowing the systems and organs of the body to work at optimal efficiency. 

Maintenance Massage

Through our own experience, we recognize that massage is a necessity, not a luxury. It is important to maintain good health which keeps your body in balance and feeling good. Your body needs proper maintenance for ultimate daily performance such as your car needs regular oil changes to maintain its performance.

Maintenance massage combines some clinical massage mixed with relaxation techniques.

Some people who hold stress in their bodies might need two sessions per month, where as others may only need one. Your therapist will help guide you to your ideal maintenance plan.

The Energetic Component

Each injury or pain usually has an energetic component as a result from the possible trauma that created the injury or pain. Resetting the energetic body helps to relieve the physical body which, in turn, allows a deeper healing experience. Energetic healing usually is performed with either very light touch or no touch at all. We have different forms of energetic support for you to choose from. Craniosacral Therapy, Life Changer Coaching, A Crystal Table session or adding traditional energy work to a clinical massage session are great options.

Your therapist will help guide you to the perfect energetic component.


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