In 2001, Shalan Hill began teaching yoga out of our home near Main St. in Woodstock. We would move the furniture out of the living room to hold class and put it back when we were done.

She taught four classes a week to local students. This inspired us to rent a small room in an infrared sauna business on Towne Lake Pkwy near Main St. We did yoga and massage out of that 10 x 10 room.  We would move the massage table out of the room to do yoga and put it back when class was over.  

Shalan has an amazing natural ability to teach beginners, older bodies and people who are injured. She offers alternative poses for those with limitations. And, she has influenced each yoga instructor at The Posture Project to do the same. That is our dedication. Anyone can do yoga. You start where you are and progress at your own pace.

The word “Yoga” means “union” of the body, mind, and spirit. The Posture Project considers yoga as a course in self study and solid health “ensurance”. You can begin to listen, to feel, to sense your limits, to learn of your unlimited possibilities to feeling great, to breathe, to open, and to live with more freedom! 

The Posture Project offers traditional Hatha Yoga with an Iyengar influence with emphasis on the breath or pranayama and energy movement.  Not only are we  the perfect studio for beginners,the seasoned yogi enjoys deepening their practice with us, as well.  We guide you through each posture with awareness of body and breath. The different yoga poses can help you relieve pain, improve posture, develop strength and endurance, heal physically and emotionally, reduce depression, focus, lose weight, and rejuvenate.

Yoga is best known to create more flexibility and our most common feedback is that our students are “so relaxed” after class.  The practice of yoga can offer peace of mind and centeredness to be able to enjoy more or your precious time.

Yoga can be a perfect means to maintain your fluid movement & freedom in your body to perform  your daily activities with ease.  It is a perfectly “well rounded” form of exercise for the body & mind.

We recommend starting with two classes a week for the first month, then increasing to 3 – 7 times a week thereafter.  Your yoga instructor can give their recommendation for your individualized needs after your initial class.  

It is always important to share any body conditions, injuries, or limitations with your instructor Before Class.  We offer clean, alkaline, filtered and enhanced drinking water from our Nikken PiMag water system to keep yourself hydrated.


  • Be hydrated, drink extra water and limit caffeine and sugar before class.
  • Not recommended to eat 1 hour before class, but if you must eat, eat light.
  • Bring a yoga mat or large bath towel.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, but not too baggy.
  • Be on time.  If you are running late, please do not enter the Yoga Room during meditation times (usually during the first and last 10-15 minutes of class)  You can see through the door and decipher if the class is meditating.
  • Limit movement during meditation times to lessen distractions.  If you need to use the restroom or get something for yourself, please wait until the meditation is over.
  • If you are a new student, come 5 – 10 min. early to complete necessary information on your first class, or print off our waiver to complete and bring with you.
  • Please do not wear heavy perfumes to class.
  • Shoes are not allowed in the Yoga Room.  There is a shoe rack outside the entrance.  You may bring your purses or valuables in the Yoga Room to be placed near the restroom..
  • Only water with a lid is allowed on the Yoga Room floor, no other food or drink.
  • Please turn off electronic noise makers (cellphones).
  • It is your responsibility to inform the instructor if you are pregnant or have any injuries before class. 

Sign up for all Yoga Classes here! Live outside of Woodstock, Ga? See how to take Virtual Yoga Classes here or check out our meditations and yoga classes from Shalan on our YouTube channel! Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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