Many years ago, The Posture Project began in a small  150 sq ft. room. We rented from a place that had infrared saunas for sale and use. Our room was a multi-purpose room where we did massages and taught yoga. In order to hold a yoga class, we had to move our massage table out into the hallway. We were so happy to be introduced to the benefits of an infrared sauna and got to sit in them occasionally. I fell in love with infrared saunas and declared that we must get one when we had a big enough space. And, we did.

Testing the Benefits

The first thing I did when we got our sauna was to sit in it as many times as I could to test the benefits. I did 10 sessions within 13 days and felt amazing! I lost four pounds, my skin cleared up and was glowing, my attitude was great, and I felt healthier from the detox. The sauna really helped me detox after I had surgery as well.  I am not used to any kind of pharmaceuticals. I love to sit in the sauna regularly especially if I am feeling bloated, stiff, or sore.

Find Balance With a Sauna Session

Today, so many people are feeling overwhelmed, over-weight, over worked, and their systems are over-taxed. Not only do we pile our plates too high, but our environment is getting more and more toxic by the day. Not to mention, our back pain and our weight gain creep up on us as a result of our continued stress. Our jobs and/or our family may be demanding too much of us and we are trying to find balance. We want peace; just a little bit of peace.

Your Health “Ensure-ance”

Because we at The Posture Project, in Woodstock, Ga. are all too familiar with the above experience of our current day culture, it drives us to provide a space for respite and repair of Mind, Body, and Spirit. All the services we provide are the real kind of Health “Ensure-ance”.

An infrared sauna regimen is a great tool to find balance in your Being. A far infrared sauna not only resets your stress levels, it can detox your body, help you lose weight, and relieve pain!

Infrared Sauna

Our Infrared Sauna at The Posture Project, is a dry sauna using ceramic infrared heaters that produce radiant energy, which is the same as the heat from the sun, only without the harmful ultraviolet rays.

About Infrared Saunas

In a Far Infrared Sauna, the therapeutic operating temperature is much cooler, 110°-130°F, compared to a traditional sauna needing temperatures of 169°-200°F.  The air is more pleasant and easier to breathe, so one can withstand longer therapy sessions, resulting in increased sweat production and does not dry out the mucous membranes like conventional saunas.  The lower heat ranges may also be safer for those with cardiovascular risks.

Less than 20% of the infrared energy heats the air, leaving 80% available to be directly converted to heat within the body.  Therefore, it warms the body to a much greater depth (up to three inches) and effects more of our body’s tissues.

How to get the Best Results from your Sauna Sessions

We recommend multiple sauna sessions in a short amount of time to get the best results.  9-10 sessions within a 3 to 4 week time period is ideal. This allows your body to go deeper with your detox process, weight loss, stress relief, and pain relief. As with any life changing program, your body is more accepting of the process when you introduce it to something at a steady, consistent pace.

New to the Sauna or have Health Issues?

If new to a sauna regimen or have some health challenges you are addressing, you might want to sit for 20 minutes and work your way up to 40 minutes per session. Those in good health, can start at 40 minutes for the whole series of sessions.

If you are using the sauna for a heavy metal cleanse, you might want to start at 5 min. sessions. Then you can slowly work up to 30 minutes for 20-30 sessions over a couple of months. This helps your body slowly relieve your symptoms/toxins. Please consult your physician if you are addressing some health challenges. We will be glad to share our experience and knowledge about the sauna, too.

5 Far Infrared Sauna Benefits

Infrared sauna benefits are in abundance when it comes to your health and well-being. Here are the top 5:


“Studies have shown a 30 minute far infrared sauna session can burn 200-600 calories.  As the body works to cool itself while using a far infrared sauna, there is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate.” Journal of the American Medical Association, August 1981.  Also, detoxifying the body can improve the digestive tract which will assist in weight loss.


“Detoxification” has in the last few years gained recognition in the medical community as an important factor in promoting health and even in the treatment and prevention of several chronic illnesses. Sauna heat therapy stimulates the body’s natural cleansing processes which, in turn help release toxins and bodily contaminants that have accumulated in cellular tissues. These contaminants are then channeled out through the lymphatic system and perspiration.  Psoriasis and eczema really respond well to infrared sauna treatments.


Infrared Saunas can produce up to three times the sweat volume of conventional saunas. This is thought to be seven times more effective at detoxifying mercury, aluminum, cholesterols, nicotine, alcohol, and other environmental toxins. As stated above, when doing a heavy metal cleanse, you would want to start with a low amount of time and slowly work up to 30-minute sessions over a couple or several months time.


Sauna heat therapy is an ideal way to relieve stress and improve sleep patterns. It now goes without question that stress is a latent precipitator and even cause of many chronic diseases. By relaxing the muscles and improving circulation, a sauna session reduces stress and promotes mental and physical well-being.  The sauna is also a great place to meditate and/or enjoy some peace and quiet.


Muscle and joint pain relief is another one of the sauna health benefits. Muscle tissues relax in the heat of a sauna session.  By dilating blood vessels, improving circulation, and easing muscle tension, a sauna can provide relief from the pain of many different physical ailments. Discomfort from various forms of arthritis, muscle, shoulder, neck and back pain can be significantly reduced.  With regular sauna use, these effects can be continual.

As you can see, having a good sauna regimen can improve your health, vitality, and help you find that bit of peace you’ve been wanting.

If you are not in the Woodstock, Georgia area and are looking to purchase a far infrared sauna, we have done some extensive research and have found the best infrared saunas on the market.

We have taken many hours and looked at infrared sauna reviews, and researched even down to the best wood for a sauna and the non-toxic glues or non-use of glues in the building of the saunas.

With all this research, we can only recommend two companies who build medical grade saunas to optimal health standards.

  1. Heavenly Heat Saunas:

 This company builds each sauna in the USA and uses no glues. It also uses poplar wood which is the most hypoallergenic of all the woods used in saunas. They also use low emf ceramic heaters that last much longer and provide much more heat for healing.

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  1. High Tech Health:

 This company has its’ own patented ceramic metal sheath heaters. These heaters provide the absolute lowest emf emittance in an infrared sauna and use. They too only use poplar wood and non-toxic glues in the building of their saunas. No one wants to get more toxins when they are trying to detox, right?

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Are you ready to find balance in your body, mind and spirit?

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