It’s the Thought that Counts

Girl deep in thought

When a year comes to a close, this usually invokes a time to reflect on our lives. We may be unhappy in our jobs, relationships, finances or our health. We tend to do a review of sorts. I know I do. I have been pondering the quote “It’s the thought that counts” as I delve into my self reflections.

Before, I understood this quote as when you give someone a gift, the thought behind it has more value than the gift itself. I think there’s more power to this statement. Let me explain.

Words show patterns that play out in life

Many years ago, I realized that there’s more to massage therapy than just physical mobilization of muscles. This is when I started delving into the mind-body connection.  I began to observe the way my clients spoke about their injuries, sicknesses and circumstances going on in their life.

I then, listened to the words I used to describe my life, injuries, sicknesses and circumstances. Those words showed me patterns or thought processes that were playing out in my life. These patterns would be revealed when I was present with my thoughts. You see, thoughts become beliefs, beliefs turn into patterns and patterns turn into creations in our lives either with life events, or sickness or pain.

Our world is a creation of our thoughts

We often only look at the result of something instead of what created it. For example, in our society, we measure our injuries or sickness in purely physical terms, such as “I sprained my ankle because I fell down” or “I got the stomach bug because it was going around.” What if we dove a little deeper and discovered that our world was the creation of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perspectives. We would see our lives in a whole different light. We would be able to see how we CREATED our sprained ankle or our stomach bug from our thoughts.

Finding the emotional attachment to pain

Imagine if you had a sprained ankle… You know that they were upset about something when they sprained it. You would know that there was an emotional attachment and could understand where you were in the moment of injury. This observation helps you understand your pain. Add a massage on top of that, and you heal through a mind-body connection.

I had a client who had plantar fasciitis and would get some relief with yoga and massage, but she would still complain about her foot and I could sense fear and worry in her being. While working on her, I told her a story about a friend of mine who got plantar fasciitis, when she was moving from the home she thought she would live in for the rest of her life. She was feeling uprooted, overwhelmed and scared.

When my client heard the story, she said “I am selling my home and building a house with my boyfriend and I am scared.” At that moment, I could sense relief and a calm come over her body. She settled into the knowing that she would be just fine when she got into the house and got settled. She understood, “it’s the thought that counts” on some level,  with the mind-body connection to her pain.

Finding the thoughts and feelings that contribute to sickness and injuries

Now you understand that instead of spraining your ankle because you fell down, maybe you fell down because you were having scattered thoughts which made you feel un-grounded in that moment. Or, maybe you sprained your ankle because you were thinking thoughts that made you feel unstable about something in your life. And, maybe you got the stomach bug because you were having a hard time digesting some news you had received.

Do you see the power in understanding your life this way? If you knew you sprained your ankle because you weren’t feeling stable in that moment, you could take some time and re-visit those thoughts that put you in that moment and change them.  The same goes for the stomach bug. You could ask yourself “what information is hard for me to digest at this time?”  Allow yourself time to listen to your body and allow it to respond to your question. Don’t second guess what you feel. This heals your body faster than ANY other modality.

It’s the thought that counts

As you can see, our thoughts create our lives and when you get right down to it, our thoughts are the only thing that counts.

When you can become aware of the thoughts that fill your head, whether they are conscious or unconscious, you can step into the power of creating the life you want. You can understand, heal from, or possibly prevent injury or sickness as you encounter the mind-body connection.
This isn’t to take away from massage or any other modality that we need to help the physical body heal from our injuries, it only adds depth and a whole mind-body approach to our health and well-being.

There is nothing that can get in the way of your health, wealth or happiness when you discover the thoughts that are blocking the flow of what you want. When you do that, you can change those thoughts and find that flow to your desires.

Journey into the mind-body connection

This is a simple concept, and it’s true, but it does take practice, practice, practice, guidance, patience and persistence. If you are interested in taking the journey into the mind-body connection, elevating your life, relationships or maybe your career, join me for The Life Changer Program coming soon. Click here to learn more about this powerful program.

In the meantime, can you find new thoughts that will allow you to follow your heart and know that you are amazing and that you ARE valuable and worth the investment? Can you see how much your life experience will improve with this knowledge? Can you see that you are investing in your health and well-being? I know you can because now you know “It’s the thought that counts.”

See you soon!

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