Find balance in your life with Gentle Yoga

Are you stressed and overwhelmed? Do you feel tired all the time or in pain? Are you over gym workouts that keep you running on adrenaline? Want to get off the stress train? Maybe you are ready to find balance in your life with gentle yoga.

Gentle yoga

Gentle yoga is perfect for helping you learn to listen to your body. It allows you to slow down, reset your adrenal glands and central nervous system and calm your soul.

Learning to listen to your body

Your body is a great communicator and if you haven’t been listening, it may have gotten to the screaming point. Stress, adrenaline and overwhelm can lead to unhappy bodies, therefore, you could experience pain or discomfort. This can really put a hitch in your giddy-up. Once you feel pain, your body has your attention. Now, you may be ready to listen, support, and nurture this amazing vessel you live in.

What happens to your body when it’s on adrenaline

Adrenaline is a hormone excreted from your adrenal gland to support you when you are in stressful situations to help you get out of harms way. It is not a great hormone on which to live. A high intensity workout can boost your adrenaline. This is great to increase heart rate and blood pressure. But, if you are already stressed, you need an exercise to calm the body so it can find balance and harmony. This in turn, will lower blood pressure, heart rate and calm your nerves.

The two branches of the nervous system

We all have a central nervous system with two branches. The sympathetic nervous system which keeps you active and stimulated.  The parasympathetic nervous system is for calming you down and helping you find peace and rest. Most Americans overwork their sympathetic nervous systems and find it hard to rest, sleep, heal and even focus. This imbalance is one of the biggest contributors to sickness and disease in our culture.

Stress and sickness

When your mind is stressed, the body is stressed. A prolonged amount of stress could lead to sickness and disease. If you are in a stressful job, relationship or in financial stress, your sympathetic nervous system is in constant fight or flight. When you cram your day full of activities and chores, you keep that sympathetic nervous system in overdrive. Your body, mind and spirit cannot sustain the pressure of the stress and will break down.

Finding balance in your Nervous system

There are many things you can do for yourself to nurture your parasympathetic nervous system. For instance, slow, deep breaths will start to calm the mind and relax the body. Listening to mellow music can feed your parasympathetic system, and gentle yoga will relieve tight muscles, guide you to a deeper breath and help you center and calm your mind.

Not all yoga is the same

If you’ve taken yoga classes that left you feeling exhausted, inadequate, and/or unwelcome, you may have decided that yoga must not be right for you. But, you keep hearing how great yoga is and there is something inside you that is still curious. Maybe you just haven’t found the right studio!

Welcome to The Posture Project. We offer many gentler, kinder yoga options. Our studio is a place where you can restore balance, harmony, and peace for your body, mind and spirit.

The yoga classes we offer are perfect for those who want a slower, more mindful practice. A calming yoga class offers a contrasting balance to adrenaline-filled schedules since they activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Gentler classes are more accessible to those that are older or have limited range of motion and injuries since they are slower paced. Slower paced classes are helpful for beginners because we teach alignment and the subtle actions of the body.

The benefits of gentler yoga

Slow, gentle yoga classes benefit our well-being and can make a difference for those with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, weight gain, digestive problems, and fatigue, because they focus on finding balance within the body, mind and spirit.

Our smaller classes enable our instructors to give more personalized attention to help support you in your journey to more freedom. The Posture Project specializes in helping you establish a solid foundation in your yoga practice to allow you to find the ease in your poses with presence of breath and calmness of mind.

We are the best yoga studio in the area for Seniors and Beginners and those seeking balance in their lives.

If any of this has made sense to you and you know this is what you’ve been waiting for, join me for any Gentle Yoga Class

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  1. I have been looking for gentle yoga classes and I FINALLY found your studio!!!
    This seems to be the place I need. I also have a sister who will love to join. Do we need to make an appointment to see your facility? Or can we walk-in. Please let me know. We live very close to your studio. I am looking forward to seeing your studio. Please let me know.

    Kind Regards,
    Gladys Dimick

    1. Hi Gladys! Sorry for the delay in response. We are glad you found us! You are more than welcome to make an appointment to come check out our studio. Please call us (678) 494-3450 to set that up. We look forward to meeting you!

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